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What is the best way to get investors?
Make a prototype. Get estimates for production costs. Check retail prices for similar items. If you get our business/invention coaching package, we can help with all that! We feel it is easy, fun, and not hard to do.

Where can I find investors?
They are everywhere. Anyone who owns a house is a potential investor. Any friend could be. And, by networking, you will encounter many people who have some money to invest.

How much does my business need to get started?
Some products need as little as $5,000 in capital to get production models made. Some need less, even much less. A few projects need more. In any event, the production models will be used to obtain orders from retailers and distributors.

Is there a single “best” way to start?
We feel there is! It is the way many “penniless” inventors get their start, yet it is extremely effective and permits rapid expansion and fast profits. It is the lowest cost way, where you start small, and have the items made at a shop or by hand rather than by mass production. The sales would be direct sales to local merchants. We know of many success stories using this method, and we will be happy to share the ones that apply to your product.

What kinds of deal would the investor want?
They will usually want a corporate form of ownership, where they will own a fixed percentage of the stock, sometimes with an option to buy more stock at a fixed price. But, many other kinds of deal are made, such as partnerships, with varying conditions and terms. We can help with this.

Do you have a business/invention coaching package, to help me with this?
Yes, our business/invention coaching package does this. It is explained in another section of the Business Center portion of this site. The cost is small, and includes a fixed amount of help that should be sufficient for most situations.